Our Story

Bring the Fire Project is Liverpool based collective of fire dancers, circus skills teachers and flow arts promoters. The project was founded in 2012 by a couple of passionate fire artists - Sai and Kala.

They wanted to bring an opportunity for everyone to discover the beauty of fire dancing, not only as a safe and amazing entertainment, but also as a unique skill that anyone can learn and enjoy.

Over the years Bring the Fire Project transformed from a small family project into a growing collective of performers that collaborate with local communities, schools, and various cultural organization and audio-visual artists.

Bring the Fire Project - Exciting performance of Simon and Kala
Japanese Fire - Light Night 2014

Their biggest production, Japanese Fire, presented during Liverpool Light Night – attracted an audience of 1500 people– the biggest one that Light Night ever had and was broadcasted live on BBC2.

“It involved 16 Fire Dancers and 10 Taiko Drummers, took two months of intense preparations, gallons of paraffin, few blisters and burns, loads of passion, tons of energy and never ending determination to deliver Liverpool’s biggest fire show – Japanese Fire.”.

Our Mission

To establish fire performance as a recognized genre of performance art. We will do this by demonstrating safe, fun and interesting entertainment, promotion of the art and communication with the public. This includes work focused on maintaining and improving on quality and safety standards in the industry. We want to raise social awareness of the mental, physical and educational benefits of skill toy practice through community workshops and school projects. We are stimulating cultural diversity in Liverpool through fire dancing classes for adults and circus workshops for schools.