What People Say...

Light Night Festival

It was an extraordinary experience - beautiful and exciting show which I will remember for a long time and I bet the hundreds of speechless viewers felt exactly the same.Barbara Idasiak Photography
Bring the Fire Project are bringing this visually stunning art form to the people of Liverpool.Liverpool Echo
Enormous crowds for the extraordinary Bring the Fire Project and Taiko Dragons.LJMU Twitter
Oh my god that was amazing!!! Wohoo for Bring The Fire Project!!!Lynn

Threshold Festival

The most awe inspiring moment was the fire dancing festival initiation from Bring The Fire. For a festival that lives and breathes escapism and cutting edge performance there could have been no better introduction.Seba Rashi Culture Zine

Fire Dancing Workshops

Want to say a big Thank You to Sai for introducing us to Poi and fire dancing. We are so lucky to have you, your talent and this project in our city . We always had a fab time in your sessions , you're a great teacher and made learning such fun. Michelle
Had a great time fire spinning tonight with you all. And thanks Sai for being a wonderful teacher. Laura
I had so much fun with all of these people and would recommend anyone to do Bring the Fire workshops for every reason under the sun Lucy

Liverpool Fire Session

Thanks for fantastic time - that's great initiative and breathtaking show. Barbara
Great night last night lovely people and so many skills truly enjoyed and so did my little gang. Can't wait for the next gathering, let that fire burn! Sarah


Amazing can’t wait to be a part of this. Daz
Fabulous stuff guys, very entertaining. Carolyn

Lantern Carnival

You guys were fabulous, a brilliant ending to a great parade, my kids were mesmerized.Margareth

Lighthouse Beach Parties

I have seen fire performers before, but never anything as good as your show.Julia

Journey of the Psycho pomp

Incredible both of you - thanks so much for coming down, really set the tone. Jonathan